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About A1 Yacht Trade Consortium SA
A1, the super yacht network in Greece was formed by amalgamating two distinguished companies with long histories of service to the yachting industry. The resulting network speaks for itself, serving the elite of the international super yacht industry and striving continuously for higher standards within the company and in the industry as a whole.

Offering the entire range of services from Mega Yacht Agency, Brokerage and yacht charter to yacht provisions and full Yacht Management, A1 is unique in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As an Associate partner of, BWA Yachting, A1 is the Greek link in an even more extensive network of offices serving super yachts throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.. Our aim is to offer an extensive service in many geographical locations whilst retaining the local flavour and knowledge of a small company so our clients benefit hugely from scales of economy and are never just cogs in a large wheel. 
Our team

Makis Pavlatos
Joint Managing Director responsible for Agency and Accounts Department
Makis@a1yachting.com +3022410  01000
+30 6932272072

Rosemary Pavlatou
Director responsible for Yacht Charter and PR Department
+30 22410 01000
+30 6937165074

Andreas Polemis
Joint Managing Director responsible forYacht Brokerage and Yacht Management Departments
+30 210 4587100
+30 6944 315970

Mike Brewer
Manager of Pireaus Agency Department
Tel +30 210 4587100
Mob +30 6944 318353

Matina Ikonomidis
Manager of Rhodes Agency Department
Tel +30 22410 01000
Mob +30 6937165070


Other departments 

Tel. +3022410 01000

Tel. +30 210 4587100

Charter division
Tel. +30.22410.01000

Brokerage division
Tel. +30 210 4587100

Yacht Provisions division
Tel. +30 210 4587172


Financial Data

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For inquiries please contact us directly. Email address: a1@a1yachting.com Tel. +30.210.4587100