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Syros dominates the centre of the Cyclades. The capital, Hermoupolis, which is built amphitheatrically with neoclassical buildings and old mansions, is a majestic and noble scene, as it was an urban centre during the 18th century . The medieval city of Ano Syros remains untouched by progress. Syros, which has a total land area of 85 km², is the capital of Cyclades. Without particular vegetation, are cultivated mainly precocious vegetables and horticultural, in the greenhouses that are found in the central and southern part of island.A visitor’s tour must include the imposing Town Hall (designed by Ernest Chiller) where the marble-paved square Miaoulis lies, the municipal library, the Apollon theatre, the neoclassical buildings of the Prefecture and the Worker’s Union, the mansions and the magnificent buildings in the district Vaporia.The best beaches to go swimming are Galissas, Agathopes, Poseidonia, Foinikas, Vari, Megas Gialos, Azolimnos and Kini. There are also many peaceful beaches such as Delfini, Abela, Komito, and others.

A1 Office Services

Berthing (Main Port of Hermoupolis) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Bunkering (2 ton truck only) Technical repairs & spare parts
Clearance in/out Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis
Provisioning Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Wine & Spirits Laundry Dry Cleaning
Flower arrangements Divers
Visas (Repatriation only) Security Guards
Mini bus (min 25 persons)

Other Services

Shipyards, Dry docks, Syncho Lift

Commercial Port

Services Electricity ,water

Places of interest

Attractions Ermoupolis, Ano Syros ( old town)
Tours City tour (Summer)
Transportation Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars


By Sea / Ferry Frequency

From/To Athens: Daily, From/To Lavrion: 3 times per week,  From/To Mykonos: Daily

By Air Athens

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport  JSY
National / International  INTL
Length Of Runway 1080m
Biggest a/c Accepted DHC8
Private Planes Capacity Limited Parking
Distance To/From Airport Hermoupolis 2 Km

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