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the picturesque, is one of the largest of the Cycladic islands. Its capital Parikia, is built roughly in the centre of the west coast, around a large sheltered bay.
Behind its cosmopolitan facade, lies a charming city with narrow streets, ancient monuments, small bridges & fountains, neoclassical houses next to the traditional Cycladic style white houses, a 13th century Venetian castle, and the Church of 100 doors (Panayia Ekatontapiliani), one of the most important early Christian monuments in Greece, dating back to 4th century.
On the northeastern part of the island lies the traditional fishing village of Naoussa, which has retained its character since the 15th century. Paros is surrounded with magnificent long white sand beaches.

A1 Office Services
Berthing (Naoussa marina, Parikia marina) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Bunkering (2 ton and 6 ton truck) Leisure Activities Reservations
Clearance in/out Beauty & Health Care, Private Clinic also available
Provisioning Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Wine & Spirits Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Flower Arrangements Technical Repairs & Spare Parts
Mini bus Day workers
Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis Divers
Helicopter & Private Jets Security Guards
Other Services

Meeting & Greeting, Tours, Private Guides, Greek dancers & musicians, Bike Hire, Exchange, Tours.
Courier Deliveries Reception Address:
844 00 Parikia, Paros, Greece, Tel.: +30 22840 24245 - +30 6943217763
VHF Channels & Call Signs: A1 Yachting (72)

Commercial Port
Name Parikia
Name  Naoussa
Co-ordinates Of Marina & Position  37° 7' N 25° 14' E
Capacity  3 up to 30m, lots of places for smaller (15m)
Other Services  Electricity, water
Places of interest
Attractions Museums, Church of 100 doors,
Monasteries, Marble Quarries.
Tours Island Tour
Transportation Mini Buses, Mini Vans, 
Bikes & Taxis.
By Sea / Ferry Frequency

To Pireaus: 4.5hrs - high speed 2.45hrs daily. To Naxos,Ios, Santorini, Mykonos, Syros: daily:
To Crete: daily by Flying Cat
To Small Cyclades: 4 times a week

By Air Connections Offered To: Athens 30min, 3 flights daily 
Airlines: OA


Airport Details
International Code Name Of Airport PAS
National / International Domestic
Length Of Runway 710m
Approach ndb / pao 386
Biggest a/c Accepted DH28
Private Planes Capacity 6 Stands 1,5 Tons
Distance To/From Airport Parikia 10Km - 10min, Naousa 35km - 20min
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs 10.00 - 15.00
For inquiries please contact us directly. Email address: a1@a1yachting.com Tel. +30.210.4587100