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Pylos has a continuous historical presence since pre-historic times. The first Messinians arrived in the area in about 3300-3100 B.C. and the land flourished ever since especially in Mycenean times as is apparent from the Palace of Nestor in Eglianos.
There are references about Pylos in Homer and Thucidides as in many other ancient Greek writers.
According to tradition, it was founded by Pylos, son of Klisonas. In the beginning it was called Korifasion, taking its name from the nearby cape. Pylos was conquered in 425 by the Athenian general Demosthenes, while the counter-attack that the Spartans launched with Vrasidas, was not successful, due to the determined defence that the Athenians presented. After the Nikieion Peace, Pylos was under Spartan domination. 
The ruined city was reconstructed in 369 B.C. and flourished during the Hellenistic times, when its domination was disputed among the Spartans and the Achaic Conglomeration.
Pylos retained its importance during the Roman and Byzantine eras until the 6th century, when it falls into the hands of the Avars and changes its name to Avarino (from which came the name Navarino). During 1287-1308 the despot of Thebes Nicholas B\' SaintOmer fortified it with a castle. It was conquerred by the Navarres around 1385, the Enetians in 1417 and in 1500 it fell in the hands of the Turks. The Enetians conquered it again in 1686 and the Turks in 1715. 
During the 1821 War of Independence Pylos rebelled under Georgakis and Nikolaos Oikonomidis, with the help of an Eptanisian corps with Merkatis and Maniats under Pierrakos Mavromihalis and a squadron from Spetses and forced the Turks to surrender the castle (August 7, 1821). In 1825 Imprahem occupied the castle and the town and kept it under his command until the sea battle of Navarino, where the allied forces fleets, under Heyden, Codrington and Derigny defeated the Turk-Egypitan armada suffering almost no losses on their side.

A1 Office Services

Berthing Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis
Bunkering (2 ton truck only) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Clearance in/out Beauty & Health Care
Provisioning (food) Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Wine & Spirits Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Flower Arrangements Day workers
Visas (Repatriation only) Divers
Mini bus

Other Services

Tours, Greek Folklore dancers & musicians 
Courier Deliveries Reception Address: 240 01 Port of Pylos Navarino Shipping Agency 
vhf channels & call signs: Ch 12 Navarino

Commercial Port

Name Pylos Port
Co-ordinates Of The Port 36o 55,05 N – 021o 41,75 E
Port VHF Channels & Call Signs CH 12 PYLOS PORT AUTHORITIES


Co-ordinates Of Marina & Position  
Other Services  

Places of interest

Attractions Methoni, Koroni, Finikounta, Nestoras Palace, Castle of Pylos, Museum of Pylos.
Tours Methoni, Koroni, Finikounta, Nestoras Palace, Castle of Pylos, Museum of Pylos.
Transportation Mini buses, Motorbikes, Taxis


By Land By Taxi: 4.5 hours from Central of Athens to Pylos port(280.km) By Bus: 5.5 hours from Central Bus Station of Athens to Pylos town.

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport ATH
Name : Eleftheros Venizelos
National / International INTL
Length Of Runway 13,102 feet
Biggest a/c Accepted Any size
Stands Available 82
Private Planes Capacity Limited Parking depending on size
Distance To/From Airport 330 klm away 4 1/2 hours distance
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs 24 hours

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