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Thessaloniki is the center of Macedonia and the second largest Greek city
with a history of 23 centuries reflected in its countless ancient Greek,Roman,Byzantine and modern monuments has always been a cosmopolitan metropolis and a powerful economic and cultural force throughout the entire southeastern European region.
In addition Thessaloniki is renowned for its lively nightlife and considered to be gastronomic capital of the country,with famous restaurants and many local specialties.
Among its most popular sites is the White Tower,symbol of the city, archaeological museum with exhibits of Alexander's The Great era, old city- castles with panoramic view ,Byzantine church of ''Agios Dimitrios'' with its mosaic and catacombs.

A1 Office Services

Berthing  Hotel & Travel Reservations
Bunkering Beauty & Health Care, Private Hospitals also available
Clearance in/out Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Provisioning Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Wine & Spirits Technical Repairs & Spare Parts
Flower Arrangements Garbage/oil disposal
Visas Private guides
Mini bus Helicopter & Aircraft Charter
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5,koleti str
546 27 Thessaloniki,Greece
Ph: +30 2310 550 950
E mail: thessaloniki@a1yachting.com

Commercial Port


Commercial port ( only for commercial yachts under Isps reg/certificates)

Latitude: 40o 38' N - Longitude: 22o 56' E
Admiralty chart : 2070 - Time Zone : GMT +2H
Max Draft : 8,00 mtrs Max Length: 400 mtrs

Services Water provision , Garbage disposal .
Distance to : Airport 20 km – Downtown 400 mtrs


 Name Marina Thessaloniki
Capacity Latitude: 40º 34' 50'' N - Longitude: 22º 56' 50'' E
Max Draft : 3,25 mtrs Max Length : 50 mtrs
Yachts may also stay at the anchorage area
Other Services Water provision , Electricity, Garbage disposal

Places of interest

Attractions The white tower : Is widely regarded as the symbol of Thessaloniki and has been standing for six centuries on the waterfront of the city.For centuries,it was used both as guards' quarters and as a prison. Today accommodates a museum with various collections of icons, frescoes and other artifacts most of them dating from the Byzantine era.
The Rotunda/church of Ag.Georgios :
The cylindrical church of Ag Georgios is a roman monument of the city. It was
built in the 4th century and was more likely intended to be a temple of Zeus.
A few centuries later ,Emperor Theodosius embellished it with high artistic quality mosaics and converted it into a Christian church.
Byzantine churches:
The landmarks of Thessaloniki also include many Byzantine churches- among them Agios Dimitrios (7th century) with its mosaics and catacombs. Tourists
must also visit the the majestic Agia Sophia (7th century) and the Aheiropoiitos
(5th century), with the oldest and best-preserved eastern basilica to have survived to the present day.
Archaelogical Museum :
Illustrates the life and culture of Macedonians from the dawn of prehistory to the final days of ancient world and the early years of Christianity.
Museum of Byzantine culture:
Winner of Council of Europe Prize in 2005,the museum seeks to present various aspects of life in the Byzantine and post -Byzantine periods:art,ideology,religion
and the influence of historical developments on the daily life of ordinary people.

''Noesis'' Science centre and Technology museum:

Is the ideal environment in which visitors can learn and understand issues of science and technology. Main facilities of the center include digital planetarium,virtual reality simulator ,auditorium wide screen cinema and technology museum.

International film festival: The last ten days of November each year, Thessaloniki hosts the biggest film festival in south eastern Europe. It offers a platform for the promotion of Greek and foreign films, a swell as tributes luminaries of world cinema

Tours Nearby Destinations
Dion : Location sacred to Zeus at the foot of Mountain Olympus.
Vergina : Ancient Aiyes was the capital of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom
Pella : Capital of the Macedonian Kingdom in its acme,when the conquests of Alexander
had taken Greek civilization to the limits of the known world.
Meteora : Could be described as a miraculous geological formation of numerous mountain like rocks where built on the peak monasteries.
Transportation Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars


By Road

National Road E90

By Air Connections offered to Athens , all Main Greek islands ,
main European Capitals/cities also from Turkey,Russia,Ukranie and other
destinations during summer period

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport


National / International INTL
Length Of Runway 1st : 2.440 mtrs & 2nd: 2400 mtrs
Stands Available 18

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