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Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands. Located seven miles south of Corfu lies Paxoi and its diminutive Antipaxoi. The island is popular with flotilla companies. It is a very special destination, a small beautiful, unspoilt Island that captivates everyone that visits it.

This tiny Gem, just seven miles long and three miles wide captivates all who visit it with its endless olive groves that cover the whole Island like a green cloak, the traditional stone houses and more than one hundred churches all over the Island. The eastern coastlines of Paxos are smooth with beautiful pebbly beaches, while the western are bold and abrupt, with remarkable natural formations: caves, arches and sheer cliffs. Today, Paxos has a permanent population of 2,500 inhabitants, famous for their warmth and hospitality. During the summer months the Island welcomes more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world.

The tiny Island of Anti-Paxos is an endless vineyard, it lies just one mile south of Paxos and it is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and translucent turquoise waters. The Island has a small resident population augmented by Paxiots who own vineyards and cottages.

The only harbour on Antipaxi with level land on the shore in Agrapidia. Larger vessels do not moor there, the water being too shallow. The beautiful beaches of the island can be reached with speedboats, which every day shuttle to and from with tourists from Paxi.

There are some small tavernas where one can find food and relaxation after a day at the beach. There is a stream of fresh water coming into the sea at Kaloroi Beach. Antipaxi is a place for a quiet, peaceful holiday.

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Gaios Port

The capacity in Gaios port always depends of the “traffic” of the touristic yachts and ferries. Any yachts are allowed to enter the port between 11:00 – 17:00.

Co-ordinates Of The Port 39°12'N - 20°11'E
Port VHF Channels & Call Signs VHF CHANNEL 16 – GAIOS PORT POLICE
Services Water by truck, Fuel by truck


Places of interest
Attractions Gaios , Lakka, Loggos, Erimitis Beach, Moggonisi, Blue Caves
By Sea / Ferry Frequency Daily hydrofoil service to Paxos (1hr), Daily Ferry service to Paxos via Igoumenitsa (mainland) – 3hrs and 15 minutes. Sea taxi service (1hr)
For inquiries please contact us directly. Email address: a1@a1yachting.com Tel. +30.210.4587100