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Being the biggest Greek port of classical antiquity, Corinth has a long maritime tradition. Apart from Corinth canal, a unique technical feat, which links western with eastern Mediterranean, one should also visit ancient Corinth’s ruins and it’s museum as well as it’s castle and also the museums of the neighbouring towns of ancient Sicyon and Isthmia.
Loutraki with its beautiful beach and its cosmopolitan casino is just ten minutes away from Corinth.
Athens, ancient Epivadros with it’s theatre and Nafplion are located just one hour away from Corinth  

A1 Office Services

Berthing (South Pier Mainly) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Bunkering Clearance in/out
Provisioning Visas
Wine & Spirits Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis
Laundry Dry Cleaning Flower Arrangements
Mini bus Divers
Carpet cleaning Beauty & Health Care, Private Clinic also available

Other Services

Meeting & Greeting,
Courier Deliveries Reception Address:
Damaskinou 70 str.
20100 Corinth, Greece

Commercial Port

Name Corinth port
Services Water via truck

Places of interest

Attractions Anc. Corinth & it’s castle (Acropolis), Loutraki, Corinth canal, Anc. Sicyon, Isthmia.
Transportation Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars


By Road & Railroad Corinth is connected with Athens with a national highway (about 80 kms / 1 hour)
Very regular bus service connecting Corinth with Athens (one bus per hour) and also with all major towns of Peloponnese
Suburban railroad connecting Corinth with Athens and Patras (one hour frequency)
By Air Road & railroad (suburban railroad) connection with Athens airport.

For inquiries please contact us directly. Email address: a1@a1yachting.com Tel. +30.210.4587100