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 Folegandros consists of two villages, Chora, Ano Meria and port.
The country is the center of the island. It has consecutive squares and alleys ideal for walks. There are many hotels, apartments, rooms, travel agencies, car rental offices shops with souvenirs and clothes.
The country has also the Castle that protected locals from pirates and is built on the cliff on the north side of the island.
Another attraction of Folegandros is the church of Panagias. It is built on the cliff, presumably ion the top of an ancient church. In the ancient yard, there are many ancient artefacts and the image is considered as miraculous as it is associated with many myths and pirates.
In port-(Karavostasi) there is intense life especially in the summer time, there are hotels, rooms, coffee bars, taverns, mini markets, travel agencies and car rental agencies. Around the harbour there are many small beaches with crystal blue waters.
Ano Meria the second village of the island is mainly rural settlements. The inhabitants live from agriculture and birthing of animals and you can find taverns, mini market, bakery and rooms.
Apart from Karavostassis the only beach that has taverns, hotels and coffee is the Agali. It is found in the south coast and is a safe anchorage for yachts.

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Transportation The connection of Folegandros to Piraeus in the summer months on a daily basis but with high speed and conventional ships.Also there are daily connections with the surrounding islands. There are two busses where the summer season are frequent departures from the port to the country and the country to Ano Meria and Agali. Also there is a taxi which serves the entire island.

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