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Part of an island arch in eastern Aegean, Chios is a truly distinguishing Hellenic island, partaker in both Aegean history and Mediterranean events. Today, Chian culture matrix comprises a panorama of elements from antiquity and the Byzantine dominance, Genoese ruling and ottoman empire ,enriched with more recent trends, where brilliant Christian monuments and the unique architectural landscape at Kambos stand out. Chios, the island of mastic, the inexplicably aromatic juice from lantisk, with a lacy coastline encompassed with lookouts, castles and a fertile inland ,studded with fortified settlements, monasteries and country churches, is as diversified as any land that has gathered long lasting images and testimonies. On the east, at the cove of a smooth bay, the ton of Chios embosoms, a port keeping its history discernible, as many other towns on the Hellenic islands, steeped into modern lifestyles. This double-natured character, combined with Chios’ stable land establishment and its board opening to the sea, give this town a double feeling of infinitude, in terms of time and horizons.

A1 Office Services

Berthing (North Pier Mainly) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Bunkering (2 ton truck only) Leisure Activities Reservations
Clearance in/out Beauty & Health Care, Private Clinic also available
Provisioning Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Wine & Spirits Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Flower arrangements Technical repairs & spare parts
Visas (Repatriation only) Helicopter & Private Jets
Mini bus Security Guards
Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis Day workers
Aircraft charter Divers

Other Services

Meeting & Greeting, Tours, Private Guides, Greek dancers & musicians
Courier Deliveries Reception Address:
2nd km Rhodes - Kallithea Road
85100 Rhodes, Greece
E-mail: a1@a1yachting.com
Post Restante Service:
vhf channels & call signs: Ch 73

Commercial Port

Services Electricity ,water


Name South part of the main port
Capacity 30
Other Services Electricity & Water, , Car & Bike Rental, 24h security by Hellenic Coast Guard

Places of interest

Attractions Mastic Villages (Pyrgi Olympoi Mesta) , Emporios Beach (Mavra Volia) , Monastery of Nea Moni , Anavatos - Avgonima villages , Karfas Beach.
Tours North Coast , City Center Tour, South Villages
Transportation  Busses, , Taxis, Rental Cars


By Sea / Ferry Frequency Ferry Frequency: From Athens: Daily
From Lesvos :Daily
From Samos :3 times per week
From Limnos :3 times per week
To Cesme Turkey :Daily
To Oinoussai Island :Daily
By Air Connections Offered To: Athens: Europe by Charter.
Athens, Thesalonica and some islands
Charters to, Norway, Belgium. Netherlands
Airlines: OA

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport  JKH
National / International NTL
Length Of Runway 3.600m
Approach  118,2 VOR DME NDB
Biggest a/c Accepted ALL
Stands Available 13
Private Planes Capacity Limited Parking
Distance To/From Airport City Centre 3 km, Karfas Area 3km

For inquiries please contact us directly. Email address: a1@a1yachting.com Tel. +30.210.4587100