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Samothraki or the island of Aeolus (its mythological name), is the highest island in the Aegean Sea and is located in the Thracian gulf, opposite Alexandroupoli, from which it lies at a distance of 28 nautical miles. Its name is perhaps deriving by the view of its mountainous mass. The pre-Hellenic word “samos” means “height” and Samothraki means the tall Thrace.
The Mysteries of Cabeiri, on a par with the Eleusinian Mysteries, were celebrated here, while Homer imagined in Iliad, the God of the Sea Poseidon watching the Trojan War “from a hill in Samothraki looked down and saw the Greeks and Trojans fight” (Homer’s Iliad, N lines 10-19).
In an area of just 178 sq. km. rises the Mount Fengari or Saos, the “Holy Mountain of Antiquity” at an altitude of 1,611 meters. This mountain has forests, prairies, steep gravelled slopes, waterfalls, rivers and crystal clear beaches. A rich tradition, the magnificent archeological sites, the famous since antiquity thermal springs, traditional villages and local flavors, creating a special feeling and a reality that remains indelibly etched in the minds of visitors.

A1 Office Services

Berthing (North Pier Mainly) Hotel & Travel Reservations
Provisioning Leisure Activities Reservations
Wine & Spirits Thermal springs (spa)
Flower arrangements Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Mini bus Divers
Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis Visas (Repatriation only)

Other Services

Meeting & Greeting, Tours, Private Guides, Greek dancers & musicians

Courier Deliveries Reception Address:
68002 Samothraki, Greece

Commercial Port

Name Kamariotissa
Services Electricity ,water

Places of interest

Attractions River/forest site, Archaeological site, Traditional Village of Samothrace
Tours Archaeological site and Smothraki village,
Pahia Ammos beach and the small church Panagia Kremiotisa, Fonias river and Kipos beach.
Transportation  Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars


By Sea / Ferry Frequency Ferry Frequency: From Alexandroupolis: Daily
By Air The nearest airport is International Airport of Alexandroupolis “Dimokritos”

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