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Spetses the island famous for it's glorious past. Spetses is a small island across the southern end of Argolida
to entrance of Argolic gulf,full of the beaches throughout its whole sinuous coasting and piny forest that cover
the lower hills and reach till the sea.
At the northeast coast of the island is the traditional settlement,which still preserves the radial of the glorious
naval past of the old mansion houses of the fighters for the Revolution and of the rich sail men with the yards
decorated with flowers and peddles,but also at the boat-yards that still operate at the Old Harbour.
The old buildings , the stone traditional roads , and the beautiful scenery giving to the visitor a unique experience.
Spetses by having the privilege being on this ideal geographic place have became in one of the most popular travel destination in Greece

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Berthing Hotel & Restaurant  Reservations
Bunkering Guided tours
Provisioning  Flower Arrangements
Wines / Spirits Ticketing
Laundry Dry Cleaning Car hire/Pre-booking of taxis
Technical repairs&Spare parts Beauty & Health Care
Visas ( Repatriation only ) Helicopter services
Divers services Garbage collection
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Other Services

Donkey Tours, Water sports, Hiking and Trekking Activities, Spa, Massage and Yoga Sessions, 
Leisure Activities (for adults & kids), traditional dancers and Musicians for special events.

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