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Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece. Here, where the green of pines and dense forests meets the deep blue sea and sky, creating an image of natural beauty, you will find yourself in an idyllic land, in a small paradise in the heart of Greece.
The island of Skopelos is characterized by dense forests and the blue of the sea so it was declared officially on 5/7/97 as "green and blue island" by the International Organization of Biopolitics. The biggest part of the island is covered by virgin pine forest. A forest that when you visit Skopelos is going to need your love, care and attention to remain as beautiful as it is.
The town of Skopelos, also by presidential decree has been declared as a traditional settlement (19/10/78).

Geographically Skopelos is an Aegean island (central - northwest of the Aegean), east of Pelion and North Evia. It has a rich coastline 67 kilometres, an area of 95.8 chilometers, maximum length of 17 km and a width of 8 km. The population is about 5,700 permanent residents, and it is the second largest island of Northern Sporades (after Skyros).


A1 Office Services

Provisioning Hotel & Travel Reservations
Wine & Spirits Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Flower Arrangements Beauty & Health Care
Mini bus Day workers
Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis Leisure Activities Reservations
Helicopter & Private Jets Carpet & Upholstery cleaning

Commercial Port

Name Commercial Port
Services Electricity, Water

Places of interest

Attractions Sentoukia, monasteries , Mama Mia locations.
Tours Mama Mia tour, Town walk
Transportation Mini buses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars


By Sea / Ferry Frequency Ferry Frequency: From Athens: Daily
From Volos Daily
From kimi 3 times per week
By Air From Skiathos to Athens

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