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Kastellorizo located in the southeastern Mediterranean sea. It’s about 125 km east from Rhodes island, 2 km from south coast of Turkey and 250 km from Cyprus. It has a unique architectural character which is unchanged in time. The houses of the town are slender and characterized by wooden balconies and windows of the Anatolian type. Above the quay on the eastern side there is a pathway which leads to the Castle of the Knights. Blue Cave is the most celebrated attraction of the Greek island of Kastellorizo. The cave lies on the SE coast of the island, and is named by the inhabitant’s phokialí (Greek for seal's refuge). Being 40–50 m long, 25–30 m wide, and 20–25 m high, it is much larger than the world famous Grotta Azzurra on Capri, Italy. The light of the sun, refracted through the sea, is reflected in the interior of the Grotto, thereby producing a dazzling blue colour. The Cave can be visited only by boat and, since the entrance is barely one meter high above sea level, only under calm sea conditions: the best time of the day to visit is early in the morning, when the sun is still low. The sea lies in front of the pedestrian and you can enjoy your food and drink with the breeze of the sea. The food it’s a Greek traditional kitchen full of flavours combined with seafood from the local area

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VHF channels – 78

Places of interest

Attractions Blue Cave, Lycian temple, Castle of the Knights, Archeological & Laographical museums, Cathedral church of st. Konstantinos & Elenis
Tours Visit by local boats the small Island of Ro.


By Sea / Ferry Frequency Every Monday & Friday
The ferry schedules are frequently changes and should contact local agencies to verify.
By air Every Mon – Wed- Fri- Sun till 28 Mar 2012
After 28 Mar 12 every Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun by Olympic air.

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