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 Nisyros is one of the smaller islands of the Dodecanese with an area of 422 x 13, almost circular. Located 9 miles east of Datca in Turkey, 10 miles south of Kos and 8 miles northwest of Tilos. The island is a volcanic cone with central crater with diameter around 2800 feet total width 8.5 km and measurements reveal that it is the second largest after the one of Thera volcanic crater of the Mediterranean.Scattered around Nisyros island there are the islets of Giali, Kontiliousa, Pyrgousa, Strogili and Pachia.
Nisyros is an unusually green island and the creations of the human hand as everywhere: the terraces, the local gardens, the churches and also the 2 wonderful stone villages, Nikia and Emporeto that nest the eastern slopes of the hills and mountains above the volcano.
The island of Nisyros, still keeps its traditional buildings and in conjunction with it’s wildlife, offers to visitors the unique Aegean beauty.

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A1 Office Services

Hotel & Travel Reservations Leisure Activities Reservations
Clearance in/out Beauty & Health Care, Private Clinic also available
Wine & Spirits Laundry Dry Cleaning & Alteration Service
Flower Arrangements Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
Visas (Repatriation only) Technical repairs & spare parts
Mini bus Day workers
Car Hire / Pre-booking of taxis Divers
Security Guards

Commercial Port

Name Commercial Port Mandraki and Marina Pali.
Services Electricity, Water.

Places of interest


Guests should visit the following:
1. The volcano (5 craters) Unique in the world as you walk into the crater.
2. The monastery "Panagia Stiliani"
3. The spas operated in 1870 up to today, with water treatment for various diseases.
4. The "Enetikon" castle that has been upgraded 2 years ago in Mandraki.
5. The volcano museum in Nikia village that opened 3 years ago with all volcanic findings.
6. The archaeological and historical museum of Mandraki.
7. The folklore museum with all island’s traditions.8. The unique in the world, beach "Chochlaki" consisting only of pebbles. 9. The beautiful, mountainous villages of Emborio and Nikia, the traditional settlements and extraordinary architecture with many interesting churches.

Transportation Minibuses, Bikes, Taxis, Rental Cars.


By Sea / Ferry Frequency From Nisyros to Kos 3-4 times daily.
From Kos to Athens.
From Nisyros directly to Piraeus 2 times weekly.
From Nisyros to Rhodes 4 times weekly.
By Air From Kos to Athens.

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