A1 Yachting - Panthalassa
Amazing light-flooded stairwell onboard the lovely sailing yacht Panthalassa, is elegant, innovative and compelling, like the rest of this yacht. The sailing yacht Panthalassa has an unique interior by the renowned London-based architect Sir Norman Foster. He is probably most famous for his building of the stunning Shard, as it is known in London. A striking and controversial building from whose architect one would not expect to see a tame and usual interior. It is no surprise then that Panthalassa hold so many interesting quirks and unusual features... READ MORE

Posted on Monday, August 05 2013
A1 Yachting - Provisioning - Yuzu Juice
Provisioning - Yuzu Juice
A currently very sought-after ingredient in yacht provisioning is Yuzu. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, believed to be a hybrid of sourmandarinandIchang papeda, can only be described as extraordinary... READ MORE

Posted on Monday, August 05 2013
A1 Yachting - Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal was opened in1893 This amazing feat of engineering especially considering that it was entirely dug by hand. If one subscribes to the idea that everything should be either useful or beautiful then the Corinth Canal scores on both points as it is not only useful but it also has a grace about it and has become a compelling landmark that people love to see and to traverse, quite apart from its usefulness in reducing a voyage by around 60 – 70 nm. READ MORE

Posted on Saturday, July 27 2013
A1 Yachting - On-deck hammock
On-deck hammock
This very inviting looking, hammock can be found on the foredeck of the sailing yacht Northern Spirit. Great crew, lovely yacht, hammock included. READ MORE

Posted on Saturday, July 27 2013
A1 Yachting - Maldon Sea Salt
Maldon Sea Salt
Maldon Sea Salt is made from sea water collected from England’s Blackwater river estuary. Maldon salt crystals are typically massive yet parchment-fine flake ignite fresh contrast in the color, texture and flavor on broiled meats and fish and find the fullest expression of flavor on vegetables dishes. According to legend, salt was first manufactured in Maldon nearly two thousand years ago by slaves of one Casius Petrox, commander of a Roman legion billeted near the town. READ MORE

Posted on Saturday, July 27 2013
A1 Yachting - Motor Yacht Leander
Motor Yacht Leander
One of the interesting details for me was the dining room, which is wonderfully elegant, light and with great views. A generous table laid with an understated chic to which many aspire but few acheive; whitetablelinen, beautiful china and chrystal and substantial cutlery. One wall is painted with a fresco of traditional galleons in an attractive sea scene. Most remarkable however, as was pointed out to me is that where ever you stand, or sit, the bow of the main galleon seems to face you. As you move so it seems to move too... READ MORE

Posted on Friday, June 28 2013
A1 Yachting - Motor yacht Idol
Motor yacht Idol
What a stunningly different yacht. The interior has been created by the owner resulting in an unusual and very stylish treatment. One of the outstanding corners of this yacht for me was the sun deck day bed and its deck standard lamp for lighting. This inviting day bed in black, contrasting strongly with the deck and therest of the space which is all white. Black curtains and comfortable black toweling pillows are eye-catching and very elegant... READ MORE

Posted on Thursday, June 27 2013
A1 Yachting - The Second Posidonia Seatourism Forum
The Second Posidonia Seatourism Forum
Interesting times with changes of legislation concerning cabotage in Greece in the pipeline, the 2nd Posidonia Seatourism Forum held in Athens in June 2013 was right on time with discussions amongst top industry representatives as well as ministry officials making this not just another discussion. Facts and figures as well as, at times, heated discussions covered all aspects of yachting. The next Seatourism Forum is planned for 2015. Watch this blog for news of any changes to legislation in Greece. www.posidoniaseatourism.com READ MORE

Posted on Monday, June 17 2013
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