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The Eastern Peloponese - The Land Of The SpartansAfter 35 years in of living Greece it takes quite a lot to make me stop in my tracks but a recent drive into the Eastern Peleponese did just that. It was breathtaking. At the very north east of the Peleponese is the always impressive Corinth Canal. I always marvel at the construction of this steep-sided, 6.4 km excavation, several attempts over centuries to carve this canal between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf and succeeded with its opening in 1893 but at a cost to the lives of hundreds of men. With pick axes they perched on 19th century scaffolding as they worked on the mammoth task and the evidence of those individual strokes is etched into the soft limestone rock, embedded with shells from the days when this whole area lay under the sea... read more
The island of SantoriniSantorini, perhaps the archetypal Greek island is just 18 km long and varying in width from 2 – 6 Km, with steep cliffs which offer amazing views, wonderful archaeological sights, traditional white houses with the much-photographed blue dome roofs and acclaimed sunsets. The cliff-top town, Thira, perches precariously, high above the splendour that is the Caldera (cauldren), a reputedly-bottomless bay at the centre of the island. The story of its formation is also central to the story of Santorini. We will come back to this so don’t go to sleep... read more
The island of MykonosMykonos is one of the iconic Greek islands that you either love or you hate but it is all but mandatory to visit when you come to Greece. In the Northern Cyclades, Mykonos is a barren, exposed island whipped by winds summer and winter. Her barren landscape, caused by denuding of trees, as so many islands, for shipbuilding, houses and firewood in previous centuries, renders the island’s microclimate arid leaving the island parched in the hot sun of summer... read more
The island of CephaloniaAn island recently made popular but little known until the book and film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin were released. Having first discovered Cephalonia some decades ago with my husband, who was born there, I rather resented the intrusion into what I had hitherto considered a private domain. One visit was enough to convince me that the island was a place that I could love. The island itself is mountainous, wild and wooded; the people are similarly rugged characters with a great independent streak, which is well documented and accepted throughout the country. I find their pride and dignity refreshing and their individuality endearing... read more
The island of CreteCrete is an enigma. It has been described as the most Greek of all the Greek islands and the Cretans certainly have an intensity that is rare elsewhere. Like the terrain they are rugged, self contained and individual. Cretans are bold and unafraid. Despite the rugged and even violent nature of the Cretans there is a hospitality that amazes. It is that individuality which seems to make them more Greek than others, hence the enigma... read more
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