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With dedicated teams on hand in Athens, Rhodes, Corfu and Cephalonia. Our service ethic is second to none; we will make sure that your order reaches you when it suits you best.
A1 Yachting Provisioning is a special service designed specifically to meet the provisioning needs of the world’s finest super yachts.
Remember when the products are brought aboard your super yacht we have “packed” almost fifteen years of yacht provisioning experience into your order and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are able to execute the most demanding orders and deliver them almost anywhere in Greece.

We specialize in the highest quality meat and poultry! Looking for a succulent pork roast, frenched veal, or any other exotic meat? Under most circumstances we can have it onboard within 48-72 hours.
Our meat suppliers have decades of experience. Our quality product surpasses anything you can purchase on the open market.

We provide only the highest quality fish and shellfish. They can be boned, cleaned, scaled, filleted, supplied whole or in portions.

The fruit and vegetables selected are of the highest quality and packed on the day of delivery to arrive at their best. Greek and imported produce are available as well as a good selection of exotic fruits. Upon request we can have for you fresh fruit imported from Rungis Produce International Market in France

A full range of dairy products are available from fresh milk, luscious thick double cream and best quality full dairy butter to a host of local and foreign cheeses. Our extensive range includes everything from local varieties to imported favorites.

This covers the basics such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, stocks, sauces, dried herbs, oils and vinegars, teas, cereals, condiments and tinned products, in all of which we offer a variety of brands and types to ensure that you have the largest choice possible.

From exquisite handmade chocolates, from some of the best known international brands to the finest white, milk and dark chocolate for cooking, we have a range of chocolate to suit every occasion.
Our preferred coffee choices are from Illy and Nespresso, both from pure Arabica beans, and we stock their complete ranges.

We can supply freshly baked crusty loaves and baguettes. Frozen par-baked baguettes and croissants, pain au chocolat and flavored bread rolls. You can also taste stunning cakes, sweets and a fine selection of pastries.

A wide range of the best frozen products are available, from high range imported meat from Scotland and USA, fish fillet and seafood, and sheets of puff pastry, ice creams, sorbets, fruits and vegetables

Many specialty items are available and we can supply you with a wide variety of products from Caviar and truffles to foie gras and many more.
Wild sturgeon caviar is the connoisseur’s choice. From Beluga with its large dark-grey grains and full flavored aftertaste, to Oscietre’s smaller grained nuttiness, we are able to supply the world’s best caviar for you at market prices.

With the increasing interest in Asian cuisine we are able to offer a wide range of Asian ingredients including curry pastes, spices and poppadoms, as well as sushi and Thai ingredients.

We stock a comprehensive range of soft and alcoholic drinks, bottled water, juices, beers, wines, champagnes and spirits. Our provisioning team is well aware of potential specific requirements for packaging and pack sizes.
Our range of spirits features every likely request and includes many products, including prestige and luxury blends and a wide range of premium Vodka. We will throughout the season keep our list updated with any developments relating to the current ‘must-have’ bar list.

All cleaning materials, ecological or not, as well as essential paper and plastic goods, can be provided by our team.

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